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Time Taggers

At Absolutely Cultured, we believe engaging in art and creativity enriches lives, and that a place with a vibrant and varied cultural sector is a richer place to live, work, visit and learn. In support of this, we work to provide high quality arts education opportunities for primary and secondary schools.

From October through to December 2021, Dom Heffer was the artist-in-residence at Pearson Primary School in Hull, exploring contemporary art with young people in weekly creative sessions.

The Time Taggers project encouraged Year 5 students to look to the future of their area and develop their art skills by presenting these ideas in newly-created maps.

The students tried out drawing, spray painting, collage and more, ultimately working as a team to create a large scale map work to show off their creative ideas for what the Spring Bank area will look like in 2050.

Time Taggers has been made possible by funding support from Arts Council England.

October – December 2021

Pearson Primary School

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