Measures of Life by The Lumen Prize for Digital Art

From 21 July until 30 September 2018, Humber Street Gallery was proud to present Measures of Life by The Lumen Prize for Digital Art, celebrating some of the most extraordinary and innovative art being created with technology.

The artists exhibiting explored a range of important questions about our ever-changing and increasingly dependent relationship with technology.

Using a variety of media, the artists invited audiences to reflect on their own reality and think about how new advances in technology might affect our daily lives. Interactive machines and augmented realities took over the gallery spaces to highlight pertinent themes of how technology might simultaneously govern us, whilst also offering new possibilities and freedom.

All of the participating artists were winners or finalists of the Lumen Prize for Digital Art, a UK-based award that runs a global juried competition as well as exhibitions and events around the world. They are ::vtol:: (RU), Rachel Ara (UK), Stanza (UK), Molly Soda (US) Nicole Ruggiero (US), Refrakt (DE), Carla Gannis (US) and Anna Ridler (UK).

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