Installation view, 2020. Lucy Clout, ZZZ. Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and the artist, 2020. © Jules Lister

Lucy Clout, ZZZ

Lucy Clout is a London based artist whose work uses video and sculpture to examine loneliness, intimacy and visibility.

The exhibition at Humber Street Gallery, titled ZZZ is described by the artist as a ‘nocturnal work’. Within the video we heard a tired voice-over reading across her incomplete notes during the night. The voice-over moved back and forth between lucid and opaque speech, blending description, anecdote and fact into a looping disorientated monologue.

Language was just one material within the work, no more significant than the ceramics in the video or the carpet beneath it: the spoken word was not proposed as any more articulate than those objects either. Language is under stress in ZZZ. The title sets up the feeling of the exhibition but was also used as a filler phrase by the voice-over to highlight places in her notes or memory that she needs to go back to.

The installed carpet titled ‘Night-Vision Disco Break-Room’ was an attempt to dislocate the gallery space. The artist described the work as not an argument or a puzzle but a set of ideas and tones that are offered to the audience.

About the artist

Lucy Clout is a London based artist whose videos use technology and pop culture to examine loneliness, intimacy and kinship.

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