Land of Green Ginger © Patrick Mateer

Land of Green Ginger © Tom Arran

Land of Green Ginger © Tom Arran

Land of Green Ginger © Patrick Mateer

Land of Green Ginger © Tom Arran

Land of Green Ginger © Tom Arran

Act VII: Land of Green Ginger

In the week beginning 18 June 2018, residents across the city of Hull were gifted the seventh and final Act of Wanton Wonder from Land of Green Ginger – a beautifully illustrated, limited edition book.

The book retells the stories of the Land of Green Ginger project and how the magic of the Acts of Wanton Wonder touched the lives of the people who encountered them.

The book was delivered to residents and schools across the city as a record of the project that took place and as a keepsake for the people whose lives were touched by the magic of Land of Green Ginger.

In addition to the city-wide delivery of the books, school children across the city arrived for a new week of classes to find an intriguing wooden crate delivered from the Land of Green Ginger. Inside the crate they discovered a number of books alongside collection of resources and activities linked to the stories to be delivered in classes.

Hull 2017’s groundbreaking community engagement project, Land of Green Ginger, invited Hull’s residents to immerse themselves in a citywide story, inspired by and celebrating the spirit of Hull.

Land of Green Ginger was presented as a series of events, or Acts of Wanton Wonder, united under an overarching narrative. The individual Acts were developed and delivered with artists who worked both independently and in collaboration to bring new kinds of art and culture into the neighbourhoods outside the city centre.

Six Acts of Wanton Wonder transformed communities across the city into places of wonder, delight, magic and possibility:

Act I: 7 Alleys by Periplum
East Park

Act II: The Gold Nose of Green Ginger by Joshua Sofaer
North Point Shopping Centre

Act III: The Longhill Burn by And Now:
Eastmount Playing Fields, Longhill

Act IV: Re-Rediffusion’s Voice Park by Aswarm
Pickering Park

Act V: Micropolis by The McGuires
Springhead Pumping Station

Act VI: Land of Green Ginger Unleashed by Macnas in collaboration with And Now:
City Centre

This book is the seventh and final Act of Land of Green Ginger.

Land of Green Ginger was delivered and produced by Hull 2017, the company which delivered the UK City of Culture 2017 programme and now continues as Absolutely Cultured. Relive the live project on YouTube.

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