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HSG x GK Beaulah: Design Challenge

To celebrate our new exhibition, Enjoy Civic Life by Leo Fitzmaurice, we launched our HSG x GK Beaulah: Design Challenge.

Through a mixture of installation, sculpture and video, Fitzmaurice has responded to a collection of mounted plaques on display in Hull’s Guildhall. He worked with Hull-based GK Beaulah & Co Ltd., who have been making family coats of arms for over 80 years, to produce a selection of plaques for Enjoy Civic Life.

We asked children and young people (up to age 16) to design new coats of arms that represent them. From all of the designs submitted, three have been selected and fabricated into plaques, which are now displayed in our Gallery Café.

The winning entries:

Darcie, 9

“I really like my dog and rainbows. They are really colourful and dogs are lovely.”

Zainab, 7

“My coat of arms tells the world that I like to build, read and more.”

Kevine, 11

“It tells the world I am a fiery, intelligent girl and that I make mistakes, but I learnt from that and my passion, my dream is to be known worldwide for my music and passion to succeed.”

Kevine GK Bea





Submissions for this challenge are now closed, but if you would like to do this at home anyway, you can download the activity sheet below:

Three designs will be selected the by judges: Leo Fitzmaurice, Georgina Beaulah and the team at Absolutely Cultured. Criteria for selection will be age, creativity and explanation of design and successful entries will be notified via email. Three 10” (approx. 25 cm) plaques will be fabricated by GK Beaulah Ltd. from designs and displayed in Humber Street Gallery café.

After Leo Fitzmaurice’s exhibition closes, the plaques will be available to take home and will need to be collected from Humber Street Gallery.


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