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What we do


To enrich the lives of the people of Hull through facilitating cultural programmes of excellence.


To actively enable Hull’s cultural development, bringing together collective voices, expertise and talents to be greater than the sum of our parts. To facilitate social, economic and cultural change by placing the arts and creativity at the heart of people’s lives, their ambitions and aspirations.

How we work

We have three strands to our work which operate individually but complement one another:

Producing & curating

Exhibitions, performances, installations and events that build on the success of Hull 2017 but are evolved to be relevant today. Our programme takes place within our venue and visual arts base, in outdoor and underused spaces and within neighbourhoods across the city.

Find out what’s on now and what’s coming up here.

Learning and development

Our learning programme has been developed to provide support and opportunity for people at all ages and whatever the level of interest or experience. We believe that engaging in art and creativity has benefits at every life stage and makes a significant contribution to increased skills, opportunity and fairness.

Social action & volunteering

The city-wide volunteering programme has become recognised as a national example of best practice in volunteering. It consists of around 1,000 volunteers who regularly give their time to contribute to the city’s events, venues and organisations. Through innovative community-based work such as “Imagination Alley” and the regeneration of Peel Street Park, volunteers co-create projects with local residents and partners to make change happen through art, creativity and people power.