In our Gallery shop on the ground floor of Humber Street Gallery, we have a selection of merchandise available to buy. From t-shirts and mugs featuring the iconic Dead Bod, to Humber Street Gallery tote bags and a range of postcards, notebooks, sketchpads and pencils by Turner Prize nominated visual artist David Shrigley.  

We also sell a range of seasonal items and limited edition and exhibition specific pieces. 

Profits from all merchandise sales are reinvested into Absolutely Cultured and support the delivery of our full range of programmes and activities.

Price List

Dead Bod
Dead Bod Mug – £5
Short Sleeve Dead Bod T-Shirt – £14
Long Sleeve Dead Bod T-Shirt – £17.50
Pride Bod Badges by Andy Train – £7.50
Assorted Clem Wear T-Shirts – £15
Art Monthly Magazine – £6
Art Review Magazine – £6.95
BOMB Magazine – £9.50
Frieze Magazine – £8.50
Source Magazine – £8
The Modernist – £8
A5 Notebooks – £5.50
A6 Notebook – £3
HSG Tote Bag – £8
Jamie Reid Pin Badges – £0.75
Pencil Set – £8
Postcards – £0.75
Sketchbooks – £9
Tessa Badge, Bathroom Sink – £1.50
Vinyl Records
I Was Born By The Sea (The Remixes), Richie Culver – £20
Did U Cum Yet / I’m Not Gonna Cum, Richie Culver, Blackhaine – £20SIGNED I Was Born By The Sea (The Remixes), Richie Culver – £500