Imagination Alley, Absolutely Cultured © Tom Arran

About us

Absolutely Cultured is a registered charity which aims to enrich the lives of the people of Hull through facilitating cultural programmes of excellence.

Our story

We launched in May 2018 as primarily a cultural delivery organisation, having evolved from Hull UK City of Culture 2017. Our purpose over the first 3 years has been continuing a number of significant projects and programmes from the city of culture year and shaping a new strategy to become a sustainable cultural organisation that contributes to and enhances the cultural offer in the city.

Programmes include; Humber Street Gallery, a series of one-off large-scale events and partnership projects, the city volunteer programme, professional learning programmes such as Hull Independent Producers Initiative, and public engagement and learning programmes that under-pin the large-scale events and the exhibitions within Humber Street Gallery.

Where we are now

We have now brought together these areas of work into three strands; Programming & Curating, Social Action & Volunteering and Learning & Development. The strands operate independently but complement one another.

The next stage of our transformation, will see us transition into a cultural development organisation where we believe we can be of greatest benefit to the cultural sector and the city. We aim to solidify our place as a key cultural organisation in the city operating from a cross artform venue in the city centre. We strive to work as a city-wide facilitator aligning creativity, imagination, expertise and networks with partner organisations in Hull and beyond. We will still directly deliver artistic programmes, though the focus will be increasingly in partnership and in ways which are more relevant to what matters to people. We will also further develop our learning programme.

Ultimately, we will work to develop cultural opportunities for the city, its residents and for creative practitioners that otherwise wouldn’t exist, to enhance Hull’s cultural offer and increase the relevance and value of the arts to the city.

This change reflects our ambition to ensure our role in the city is adding the most value to the city’s ongoing development, that of the cultural sector and its people as possible.