SURGE gives life to a future human on the bridge between the digital and organic worlds 

Four stellar artists collaborated to create a brand-new staged concept album. 

An immersive, audio-visual, genre-breaking performance, touring exclusive new music from British music producer ITAL TEK. 

Tom Dale brings to life a duet between dancer and animated light in a gripping kinesthetic relationship. A character pushed to their limits to ‘feel’ – to ‘sense’ – to ‘exist’. 

Featuring live vocals from the performer Jemima Brown and digital design by Vent Media. 

See SURGE as an adapted short film on the BBC as part of Dance Passion:   



Ten dance sketches: bold and bristling with the urgency of undiluted connection to WEN’s experimental club music. 

TDC’s new group piece is an elegant selection of dance work that weaves a hypnotic journey through an array of electronic music sub-genres using WEN’s album EPHEM:ERA –“a sophomore album study on the mercurial warp and weft of modern UK dance music” boomkat 

The evolution of both Dance and Electronic Music are inseparable and TOM DALE COMPANY’s new group piece SUB:VERSION takes its inspiration from the weft and warp of these connections.    

Using music from WEN’s album Ephem:era,  SUB:VERSION is a series of electronic dance studies – an elegant exploration of movement and melody, space and form, full of temporal pauses – exploring the connections between transient and momentary experiences.  

The album offers a framework for performers to connect with their bodies and each other – exploring the pleasure of moving to music in a score which evokes rather than dictates. This compulsion to move and connect is crafted by Tom and the dancers adding an experiential layer to the music.  

 We move through hypnotic club music to gossamer-like melodies through to dissonant and then weightless ambiance collecting together different, distinct moods all explored in the physical form. The result is a core celebration of dance itself: the body, and the limitless possibilities that music can evoke.   

SUB:VERSION was be presented as a double-bill alongside TDC’s iconic solo SURGE: 

Tuesday 18 April 2023, 7:30pm

Stage 1
Hull Truck Theatre
50 Ferensway


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