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Jamie Reid XXXXX: Fifty Years of Subversion and The Spirit

Through his art, music, performance and politics, British artist and anarchist Jamie Reid has become somewhat of a punk icon, rebelling against society’s social and cultural injustices. His signature newspaper-cutting graphics have become synonymous with the spirit of British punk, from his collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) to, most notably, his iconic album artwork for the Sex Pistols.  

Humber Street Gallery is delighted to present Reid’s newest exhibition, Jamie Reid XXXXX: Fifty Years of Subversion and The Spirit, which will showcase a variety of material spanning several decades from the 1970’s to the present. Collage work, drawings, paintings, prints, poster editions and photographs will demonstrate Reid’s witty delivery and continued dedication in making a statement through art. He returns to symbols such as Boudicca, the Oak Leaf, and Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, presenting them in new contexts relating to current issues, whilst his recent paintings reflect his later embrace of spirituality and nature.   

Jamie Reid (b. 1947) lives and works in Liverpool. This exhibition will be guest curated by David Sinclair, Head of Visual Art and Engagement at The Civic, Barnsley. 

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