Perches and Flyways, 2023. Creative Connections Artists, Juneau Projects and Jennifer Holtridge © Jules Lister

Perches and Flyways, 2023. Creative Connections Artists, Juneau Projects and Jennifer Holtridge © Jules Lister

Perches and Flyways, 2023. Creative Connections Artists, Juneau Projects and Jennifer Holtridge © Jules Lister

Perches and Flyways, Creative Connections Artists with Jennifer Holtridge and Juneau Projects

Perches and Flyways was a new exhibition that shined a light on bird species that are becoming rare in the Humber’s environment, alongside more common varieties.

The local Humber Estuary has international significance for birds. The expansive wetlands which line the shore provide a critical stopover site for migratory birds traveling between breeding grounds. Each year, over ten million leave northern Europe and the Arctic seeking warmer skies in Western Europe and Africa via Hull on a route termed the East Atlantic Flyway.

Run by Artlink Hull, Creative Connections is an ongoing series of workshops pairing local artists with Disabled communities to explore creative processes and improve wellbeing. Artist duo Juneau Projects were commissioned by Absolutely Cultured to explore this flyway and to work with Creative Connections and ceramicist Jennifer Holtridge to create delicate birds representing these endangered animals.

The ceramic creations inspired by these bird breeds were central to the installation and formed part of an engaging display showcasing the species within depictions of their habitats.

The artists in this exhibition were: Lynda, Lesley, James, Shirley, Jess, Emily, Suzella, Anthony, Jess, Bill, Jen and Juneau Projects.


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Featured Birds:


Owl by Jess

Found along the Humber estuary, these short-eared owls have seen an increase in their presence in the area due to a potential lack of food sources across Scandinavia. Jess captures its fluffy likeness and autumnal browns contrasted nicely by a rich green background.



Bullfinch by Shirley

Flaunting a royal red chest, the Bullfinch by Shirley is a species which you may not need to venture too far to spot as the occasional garden visitor enjoys flower buds during this time of year.




Greenfinch by Heidi

The Greenfinch breeds in sub-Saharan Africa and is thought to have become a resident of Wawne Road, Bransholme, after escaping captivity when imported in the late 1980’s. Heidi’s ceramic Greenfinch does the name justice, painting it in a gorgeous green coat with texture and deep brown shadows for a woodland feel.



Turtle Dove by Shirley

The Turtle Dove sports a monochrome striped neck with bronze wings to stand out against its cousins in the Dove and Pigeon families. Capturing its unique identity, Shirley’s Turtle Dove shines with golden hues that accentuate the iconic pigeon look residents of Hull will be all too familiar with.



Robin by James

An instantly recognisable bird, especially for those of an East Hull Rugby following, the Robin and its iconic red make for a pleasant winter visitor, but can also be seen in gardens throughout the year. James’ Robin rocks the iconic red and white, with hints of cream and beige that give the ceramic a more realistic feel.



Kingfisher by Neil

Despite being a household name, it can be quite difficult to spot a Kingfisher, as they become a blue blur that dives beneath the surface. Even amongst the riverside, they are well camouflaged, which makes Neil’s ceramic recreation all the more special, as it allows you to see the species brilliant blue tail feathers and spear like beak up close.



Siskin by Jess

The Siskin is an equally rare find despite its bright yellow feathers. This species of bird can be hard to spot in large numbers, however, it was sighted fairly frequently around the Avenues in the 90’s. Fortunately for those without a time machine, Jess has captured the likeness of the Siskin and recreated it in all its golden glory for you to see.



Puffin by Suzella

Found not too far from home on the cliffs of Flamborough, the colourfully billed Puffin is a surprisingly small yet iconic bird that has had its likeness crafted in ceramic by Suzella. Managing to capture this bird in all its cheeky character, Suzella also backdrops it with a stunning sunset that can be enjoyed without having to brave the winds of a British seaside.



Woodpecker by Lesley

The European Green Woodpecker, or Yaffle, is another scarce bird that makes up for its limited appearances with a chipper character. Most likely heard before it is seen, this bird wears a vibrant green contrasted by a red head. Enjoy a guaranteed closer (and quieter) look at the Woodpecker all thanks to Lesley’s talents.



Chaffinch by Anthony

Most likely spotted during the autumn months, the Chaffinch is a small yet colourful bird whose song can be heard across the Hull region, in leafy areas to your garden bird bath. Anthony’s recreation brings out the warm autumnal orange of the Chaffinches feathers, textured with hints of black and white. The cosy Chaffinch stands out against the cool blue and green tones chosen by Anthony in the background plate that features various leaf designs that make the bird feel right at home.



Cuckoo by Bill

Perched up high, Bill’s Cuckoo sports long striped tail feathers and a bright-eyed look . It is due to the recognisable “cuc coo” sound from which its name derives, a sound of which you are likely to hear around springtime after it has spent the winter in Africa. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to see it as Bill’s ceramic piece brings this species home to the gallery early.



Goldfinch by Lynda

A fortunately common sight, the Goldfinch can be spotted in gardens feeding on bird seed and bathing in bird baths from North Bransholme to Kirk Ella. Lynda’s sculpted specimen is a European Goldfinch, sporting a wider variety of colours compared to its all-yellow American cousin, with Lynda recreating the finer details from its red head all the way to its striped tail feathers.



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Thursday 4 January 2024
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Join Programme Assistant Alexander Stubbs for an informal tour of our current exhibitions, reflecting on how activism has guided and informed the creative practices of our artists.

Lunchtime Tour: Making and Process

Thursday 7 December 2023
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An Evening with The Critical Fish

Wednesday 22 November 2023
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Join us for evening at Humber Street Gallery hosted by The Critical Fish to reflect and unpick themes present in our current exhibition programme through conversation and activities.


Artist Talk with Juneau Projects

Wednesday 15 November 2023
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Join Juneau Projects for an online artist talk as they discuss Perches and Flyways, their exhibition at Humber Street Gallery with Creative Connections and Jennifer Holtridge.


Perches and Flyways: Exhibition Launch Party

Thursday 19 October 2023
Humber Street Gallery
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Join us to celebrate the launch of our newest exhibition at Humber Street Gallery, Perches and Flyways by Creative Connections with Jennifer Holtridge and Juneau Projects. This event is a chance to meet the artists, visit the exhibitions and to share a drink or two.


Thursday Lates: Dean Wilson

Thursday 26 October 2023
Humber Street Gallery
Pay what you can, booking required

In response to Perches and Flyways at Humber Street Gallery, poet Dean Wilson will reveal a specially commissioned poem and perform some of his work gathered in the collections Take Me Up The Lighthouse and Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Streets. Nights with Dean are always something of a surprise – there may be a film screening, you will probably be given a badge with his face on it and he’s partial to a game of bingo.


Lunchtime Tour: Collaboration

Thursday 9 November 2023
Humber Street Gallery
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Join Programme Assistant Alexander Stubbs for an informal tour of our current exhibitions and discover the ways in which our artists have collaborated to create unique bodies of work exploring a diverse range of themes and subjects.

20 October 2023 – 21 January 2024

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