Baa's House, Hetain Patel. Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, 2023 © Jules Lister

Baa's House, Hetain Patel. Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, 2023 © Jules Lister

Baa's House, Hetain Patel. Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, 2023 © Jules Lister

Baa’s House, Hetain Patel

Hetain Patel’s Baa’s House was a collection of films, sculptures and paintings that explored the personal significance of Patel’s late Grandmother, Lakshmiben Patel, and her home in Bolton. “Baa”, meaning “Mother” in Gujarati, became a central figure, sometimes connecting marginalised people to the widely-recognised world of Hollywood, and as a symbol of resistance against oppressive forces.

The Jump (2015) is a two-screen film installation. Part family portrait and part recreation of a Spider-Man scene filmed in Baa’s living room. Shot in super slow motion to an epic orchestral soundtrack, it features a home-made Spider-Man costume that could also be seen in the exhibition. Themes of metaphorically taking a leap into the unknown paralleled Patel’s family’s migration to the UK, with the heroism presented on our cinema screens.

Paintings newly-commissioned by Humber Street Gallery were rendered in acrylic, gold leaf and automotive paint. They formed part of a wider body of work that began in 2020, which saw the artist revisiting the subject matter of Baa’s House for the first time since Baa’s death in 2017.

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Thursday Lates: SALAAM!

Thursday 8 June 2023
Humber Street Gallery
Booking required

Hull based artist, Michael Barnes-Wynters (MBW) delivers a response to Hetain Patel’s exhibition Baa’s House, including the preparation, cooking and offering of a designed dhal with chapatti for all attendees, aided by his collaborator Emma Diamond. A physical print titled Curry Empire will be the evening’s ‘takeaway’ mindfood.

SALAAM! is an ongoing series of peaceful interventions exploring otherness. Find the accompanying SALAAM! soundtrack here.

An Evening with Critical Fish

Wednesday 10 May 2023
Humber Street Gallery
Booking required

Join us for evening at Humber Street Gallery hosted by Critical Fish to reflect and unpick themes present in our current exhibition programme. The evening with have a focus on looking/experiencing, exploring/sharing, questions, conversation, and writing.

Baa’s House: Artist Talk with Hetain Patel

Wednesday 3 May 2023
Booking required

Join artist Hetain Patel for an online artist talk as he discusses his latest body of work for Humber Street Gallery, Baa’s House.

Exhibition Launch Party

Thursday 13 April 2023
Humber Street Gallery
No booking required

Join us to celebrate the joint launch of two new exhibitions at Humber Street Gallery, Winner Breaks First by Luke Beech and Baa’s House by Hetain Patel. This event is a chance to meet the artists, visit the exhibitions and to share a drink or two.


Artist bio

Hetain Patel is a visual artist and performance maker. 

Patel has done Bruce Lee impersonations on stage at the Royal Opera House, completed commissions for Tate Modern and Sadler’s Wells, London, made a working class Transformer robot from an old Ford Fiesta (with his dad), designed part of a mini golf course for the Venice Biennale, toured his live performances, internationally (in English and French), made his first dance company work for Candoco, and was invited to do a TED talk which has since had over 2.9 million hits. His works are in public and private collections in the UK and internationally, including Tate, British Council and Fondazione In Between Art Film. 

Patel is interested in connecting marginalised identities with the mainstream in an effort to destabilise notions of authenticity and promote personal freedom. With an autobiographical starting point he uses humour and the languages of popular culture to highlight familiarity within the exotic, recognition within the unknown. Sometimes this involves exploring fantasy through a DIY domestic lens, whilst other works emulate the high production values of Hollywood. 

Working collaboratively with artists across disciplines, and with family members and non-professionals, Patel enjoys working across multiple languages, culturally and artistically. 

Patel is represented by Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai, is a New Wave Associate at Sadler’s Wells, London, is a Patron of QUAD, Derby, Patron of Film London’s Jarman Award, and sits on the Artist Council for a-n. He is the winner of the Film London Jarman Award, 2019, Kino Der Kunst Festival’s Best International Film 2020, and has been selected to participate in British Art Show 9, touring through 2021-22. 

14 April – 25 June 2023

Space 1, Humber Street Gallery


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