Check Out: A Celebration of INTER_CHANGE 22/23

CHECK OUT was a celebration of Absolutely Cultured’s talent development programme INTER_CHANGE, a fun-filled day of free workshops, performances, and exhibition tours led by the exhibiting INTER_CHANGE 22/23 artists.

Meet the artists and explore the exhibitions with a complimentary breakfast of fresh pastries and juice provided. Afterwards, we dove into the workshops. From charm making to family dance, CHECK OUT offered an opportunity to get creative and discover the diverse work being created by Hull’s most promising artistic talent.

In addition to the workshops, we also had artist editions available for purchase on the day.




CLAYING AROUND: A Charm-Making Workshop with Paige Graham-Buckle

Humber Street Gallery
Free, booking required

Design and sculpt your very own charm using polymer clay, an easy to use medium that comes in an array of bright colours. Come back to collect your finished work and add it to any existing jewellery, why not make your favourite earrings or necklace even more personal?

Learn skills you can continue to explore at home and get top tips from Paige Graham-Buckle, an artist who uses polymer clay daily.

SENSORY SENSATIONS: A sensory sculpture-making workshop with Caitlin Smith

Humber Street Gallery
Free, booking required

Interested in sensory play and making your own sculpture? If so, come along to Sensory Sensations.

Caitlin Smith explores the human body in her work. She often contrasts the functionality of the human body to her own personal interest in feminist psychology and body image. She is drawn to creating the analogy of grotesqueness in her sculptures.

In this workshop you’ll create a mini abstracted body sculpture along with Caitlin and learn all about her thought processes when making, through feeling the texture tiles displayed in the workshop.

This workshop is aimed at 18+.

FAMILY DANCE HOUR: A family dance workshop with Holly Gibbs

Humber Street Gallery
Free, booking required

Come along and join dancer Holly Gibbs in a fun-filled dance workshop!

In a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, Holly will lead you on some dance-based activities, showing you the moves to a few of our dance floor favourites.

No previous experience necessary. All ages welcome!


Humber Street Gallery
Free, booking required

We’ll round out the day with 1UPSTARTS in their brand new interactive show, Rulebreakers!

Will you bow to the pressure of your peers, or carve your own path through this one of a kind performance? Test your might against the Mighty Majesty. Lead a rebellion in the name of the people…or just follow the crowd with the rest of the sheep…you decide! Rulebreakers is devised by Lee Watt P, an artist currently supported by our INTER_CHANGE programme. 

Saturday 2 December 2023

Humber Street Gallery

Free, booking required for individual workshops

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