Athena Papadopoulos, A Tittle-Tattle Tell-a-Tale-Heart, courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and the artist 2019. © James Mulkeen

A Tittle-Tattle Tell-a-Tale Heart, Athena Papadopoulos

Humber Street Gallery is delighted to present A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-a-Tale Heart, Athena Papadopoulos’ first major institutional presentation in the UK. Using her recent two-part novel, of the same title as a point of departure the artist will create a narrative that combines the use of free-standing sculpture, sound installation, costume and performance.

The exhibition is loosely based on her recent novel of the same title and is constructed around a selection of chapters reinterpreted into 2&3-D artworks. The novel mimics that of a detective story, inspired by films such as Sunset Boulevard and follows the narrative of the film’s protagonist “Bunny” to uncover what may have led to her downfall.

The exhibition will be divided into two distinct parts (the first and second floors) that are connected by the back stairwell, which will be transformed using light and sound. Here the artist will collaborate with artist HP Parmley (b.1988) to create a score as well as recordings of the artist taking on the voices of various characters of from her book nestled throughout the entire installation.

Te first-floor gallery will be staged like a diseased film set, contained by a “quarantined zone” with internal enclosed environments using several techniques inspired by the backyard of her childhood home,  theatre sets and haunted houses. A hysterical, sublime and hallucinatory experience.

The exhibition on the second floor is drawn from the final chapter in the novel taking the idea of “exhibitionism” through fashion and music gig vernacular as well as children’s theatre and  the idea of the performance of  making an “installation” where the viewer may finds him/herself embroiled.  A host of performances will ensue in this space throughout the exhibition curated by the artist.

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