Imagination Alley, Absolutely Cultured © Tom Arran


Absolutely Cultured has been working with local partners and residents in The Shires to make positive changes to their neighbourhood. This social action project is part of a series that have been taking place since 2018 that use creative approaches to respond to what local people told us matter to them most.

Creative Workshops

Absolutely Cultured host drop-in creative workshops at Gipsyville Library, every other Saturday from 10am-12pm.

Ahead of the upcoming FloodLights public project, local artist Andy Pea and Hull Carnival Arts have been supporting these sessions. They’ve been working with local residents to create fish lanterns made out of recyclable materials for a water-themed community parade.

The FloodLights community parade starts at Gipsyville Library on Saturday 23 October from 6:30pm, and will light up the streets as it “floats” around the area.

Imagination Alley

Imagination Alley is a mural spanning 120 metres and is part of a social action project which will also involve improvements to pocket spaces that are frequently fly-tipped

The mural design was created and led on by Andy Pea, who had help from volunteers and residents of all ages, coming together to contribute on various open paint days. The hope is that this colourful backdrop will now provide inspiration for the younger generation and encourage them to use their imagination for play.

In progress since October 2020

Bottom of Devon Street, Dorset Street and Essex Street in The Shires

Upcoming events