Peel Street Park, Absolutely Cultured © Sergej Komkov

Play equipment and mural

The Peel Street Park regeneration project consists of physical works to the park including, new play equipment and football nets.

We have worked with Hull City Council’s neighbourhood team to add brand new play equipment which is being painted with unique artwork by local artist Sergej Komkov.

We’ve also commissioned a “Peel Street Park” mural that will be brought to life in April 2021 by Lydia Caprani, brightening up the area using the “True Colours of Spring Bank” palette, developed by Artlink and local residents.

Still to come, residents will paint swift boxes that will be installed around the park, a haven for swifts.

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Play equipment in progress from October 2020, mural to come

Peel Street Park, Spring Bank

This is an outdoor, site-based physical regeneration project that anyone can go and see.

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