Creative Hull: A city coming back to life through culture

Absolutely Cultured’s CEO & Artistic Director Stephen Munn talks about our upcoming Creative Hull event, celebrating the culture that that city has to offer.

Hi, I’m Stephen Munn. I am CEO and Artistic Director of Absolutely Cultured, based at Humber Street Gallery. I’m speaking today at the gallery, I’m actually on the roof terrace which is a really exciting space, we opened it up a few weeks ago, so lots of people using and enjoying it. But I’m here today to talk to about another event called Creative Hull which is happening between the 16 and 18 July. We’re just really, really excited about this event, after the year we’ve had and the challenges that we’ve all been through, it feels like the city is now coming back to life – and we want to celebrate that.

We want to celebrate all the creativity that is going on in the city, not just in the city centre, but out in the communities as well – like Gipsyville and Springbank. So we’ve brought together a programme; loads of local artists, there’s going to be over 60 events that will take place over the weekend. There’s going to be exhibitions, we’re going to be working in Whitefriargate taking over those retail units that are struggling at the moment, and really making a cultural happening in the windows of Whitefriargate. We’ll be working with Ferens Art Gallery, we’ll be working with Princes Quay, we’ll be working down in Humber Street with open studios events – so just lots and lots going on over that weekend.

It’s about partnership, it’s about working very closely with our cultural partners and that’s just an amazing thing, because everyone is coming together to make sure the city is vibrant, looking forward and being the best it possibly can be.

So please get involved in it. Go to our Absolutely Cultured website and you can find out more and more details. It’s just going to be an amazing weekend, and we look forward to seeing you there. Thank you very much.