Hull Takeover theatre companies, Absolutely Cultured © Tom Arran

HIPI Programme

Through the work of the Hull Independent Producer Initiative (HIPI) in 2017, Hull’s theatre scene brought in over £110,000 of funding and became a new key player in the UK’s theatre sector – through the introduction of a newly established NPO and award-winning company Middle Child Theatre, as well as a national tour by Silent Uproar.

Due to HIPI’s success in 2017, the programme was continued to be supported by Arts Council England as a national flagship artist development project. In 2018 and 2019 HIPI helped the sector grow to include multiple companies carrying out national and international touring, and it has helped to bring in over £260,000 locally.

In 2019 HIPI prioritised the development of local emerging producers so that the theatre sector infrastructure can become more self-sustaining whilst branching out to support and develop the wider performing arts sectors that are small and still emerging in Hull, in particular dance.

HIPI is an Absolutely Cultured project, funded by Arts Council England, Hull City Council Arts Development and Back To Ours, with support from Hull Truck Theatre.

Previous HIPI Projects

HIPI Hang Out Forum

The HIPI team hosted a forum for artists and producers working in performing arts to discuss their work with each other and invited guests.

HIPI Producer Programme

A Producer Programme for producers and self-producing artists from Hull and East Riding, comprising of two separate opportunities: a four-day producer training course and producer exchange trips.

Dance Exchange Programme

The network aims to support and continue to develop a strong community of dancers living and working in Hull or East Riding.

Hull Takeover

In the summer of 2019, Hull headed back to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

HIPI worked with cultural organisations across the city as part of the Steering Group.

With thanks to:

Hull Truck

Producing and presenting inspiring theatre that reflects the diversity of a modern Britain, Hull Truck Theatre is a pioneering theatre with a unique Northern Voice, locally rooted, global in outlook, inspiring artists, audiences and communities to reach their greatest potential.

Middle Child

Middle Child creates gig theatre that brings people together for a good night out with big ideas. Telling untold stories which capture the electrifying moment when the beat drops and committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that theatre is affordable and accessible for all, Middle Child sets fire to your expectations of what a night at the theatre can be.

Back To Ours

At the very core of Back To Ours is people. They know that cultural experiences bring communities together, but they also have a much bigger impact on local areas, on people and their families. Aiming to make a lasting change in communities, and growing ambition and creativity in neighbourhoods, they bring spectacle, sparkle, laughs and brilliant acts in familiar places, right to your doorstep.

Hull Dance

As a specialist dance organisation, Hull Dance provides a leading, informed voice for contemporary dance in the city, working in partnership with Hull City Council to support the delivery of the cultural strategy and vision for a Dance Centre at the heart of our thriving city. All our work is about people making dance, watching dance and talking dance in a way that suits them.

Arts Development

The Arts Development team are the strategic lead of Hull City Council overseeing the long term development of arts in Hull. As the local authority we have an independent overview of current plans and have agreed strategic initiatives supporting our development role as funder, advisor and partner.