FloodLights Digital Programme

Davy & Kristin McGuire’s “Sirens” is a beautiful but haunting display of holographic projections into water, featuring uncanny sea creatures and mermaids’ encounters with plastic pollution and climate change.

“Sinuous City” is an immersive experience and video art gallery created by multimedia creative studio Limbic Cinema, poet Vicky Foster, and composer Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra).

“Overflow” takes us through a journey of the deep, via bioluminescent lifeforms, lost treasure, and the ringing of schools famous ships bell to emerge in a cacophony of sound and aqueous colour based on conversations with students of Trinity House Academy.

As part of Marketing Humber’s Waterline Summit series of events, Absolutely Cultured hosted a panel discussion exploring the role of arts and culture in addressing the issues that face wider society.

Hull-based artist Anna Bean was commissioned to create a film for children in response to themes of FloodLights. This short, vibrant animation shows two young tigers being inspired to be prepared in the event of a potential flood after they have a dream about the streets being submerged with water. The piece is accompanied by a creative resource sheet for children (suggested age 5+).

Check out our FloodLights digital programme, featuring related resources and more content from the artists involved in the event.