Overflow, Vent Media. FloodLights, Absolutely Cultured, 2021 © Vent Media

Overflow, Vent Media


The inspiration for Overflow began with the unique architectural design of the Trinity House Academy. Always exploring alternative and interesting buildings on which to use as the basis for his Architectural projection artworks, digital artist Barret Hodgson (Vent Media) was inspired by the connected rectangular white minimal façades of the building that could create a huge three dimensional canvas perfect for the project.

However, the unique and rich history of the Trinity House Academy as a nautical school, it’s traditions and cultural significance within Hull’s relationship with water and the oceans, soon became central to Hodgson’s formulation and structure of the piece. Hodgson visited the school over a number of days to meet the students and teachers asking what water and, more significantly, the seas has meant to both the school and the students in the past, what it means to them now and also in the future.

Together with electronic musician and sound artist Leigh Toro, Barret Hodgson takes us through a journey of the deep, via bioluminescent lifeforms, lost treasure, and the ringing of schools famous ships bell to emerge in a cacophony of sound and aqueous colour based on those conversations with the students of Trinity House Academy.

Artist bio

Barret Hodgson is an award winning video artist and digital projection specialist. His company Vent Media creates and stages visual media for live performance including theatre, dance and music events, gallery installations, film productions & architectural projection.

Clients and commissions have included the BBC, Game City, Sadlers Wells, Red Bull, DreamThinkSpeak, Warp Films and Glastonbury Festival. Barret has also toured nationally as a VJ for many years and has collaborated with DJ Yoda, Fat Boy Slim, Ghostface Killah and Roni Size amongst many others.

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Access information

Overflow by Vent Media is a projection that takes place on the façade of Trinity House Academy.

The viewing area for the projection is on George Street in front of George Street car park.

Wheelchair users should make themselves known to volunteers at the installation who will ensure they are guided to the best viewing position.

The projection is highly visual and features an atmospheric soundscape with no spoken word.

For more access details across the event, please visit our FAQs.

Outdoor installation

Location: Trinity House Academy building

Open times: 6:30-9:30pm, 22-24 October