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YADA YADA NOISE @ Creative Hull
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YADA YADA NOISE is recording a series of podcasts to document and showcase some of the amazing artists, activities and events that will be taking place as part of Creative Hull, July 16-18.

After starting life as a monthly Spoken Word Open Mic at Hull College in 2020, YADA YADA NOISE was founded in response to the challenges of Covid-19. After postponing all gatherings and events, founder Alice Godber decided to expand the project into a digital platform that aims to encourage collaboration in Hull’s creative sector between young and mature artists, harnessing multiple disciplines and creating opportunities for students to connect with Hull’s wider cultural community.

Working in association with writer and producer Joe Hakim, YADA YADA NOISE at Creative Hull will bring you interviews, features, listings and highlights from the celebrations.

Alice Godber, founder of YADA YADA NOISE says ““I created the platform because of my love for working with creative people, I want to facilitate collaboration through a variety of projects. I’m excited and proud to be working alongside Joe Hakim for the Creative Hull Festival. It’s a great opportunity to speak to the artists involved and showcase local talent.”

The Podcasts

Episode 1: Emerging From Lockdown

Emerging From Lockdown is featuring Marrianne-Lewsley-Stier from A Collective Reflection, Lockdown Still Lives. The conversation is followed by the appearance of Mayas Dirar from the Art Collective The Dirars who have a new exhibition titled, Reception.

Listen to the podcast here:

Episode 2: Pride Special

In our Pride Special we will be speaking to performer Andy Train about Pop-in-Pride located in Princes Quay and the history of Pride in Hull. We will also be talking to Humber Street Gallery curator David McLeavy about the In My Room exhibition at Humber Street Gallery featuring work by artists Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, which will be displayed at the gallery up until 12 September. Followed by catching up with writer and performer Kerrie Marsh, about her project “The Rainbow Brick Road” which was commissioned by Absolutely Cultured as a response to In My Room.

Listen to the podcast here:

Episode 3: Community

Here’s the last episode of YADA YADA NOISE @ Creative Hull. We hope you enjoy the last day of the festival!

In this episode we’ll be taking to artist and photographer Sergej Komkov about his work on Parklife, a project he’s been undertaking around Hull’s Peel Streel commissioned by Absolutely Cultured  and working with volunteers. We will then be hearing from Pat and Carl from the music collective The Broken Orchestra talking about their ‘Stories from the Shires’ project. This involved gathering the stories of the residents of Gipsyville. At the end of the episode, we will also be showing and exclusive audio extract from the Stories from the Shires.

Listen to the podcast here:

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