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The Renosing Ceremony, Matt Wilcock (Friends of Thinkers Corner)

The Renosing Ceremony is just what “Thinkers Corner” needs, as the park’s statue of St. Peter is missing a nose…

The Ceremony comes in two parts.

Part 1 – Join us from 1-5pm on Saturday 10 July for a day of live music, food and drink, history tours, art sales and more. At 3pm the Lord Mayor will unveil the the statue of St. Peter’s new Golden Nose – to celebrate the work of the Friends of Thinkers Corner Community group.

Part 2 – On Friday 25 July, schoolchildren are welcome from 1-3pm and older writers from 4-6pm to read their poetry for us in honour of Frank Redpath; famed Hull poet and the statue’s co-creator, along with sculptor Kevin Storch.

Some prizes for the best poems will be awarded by a panel of judges who will hear you read on the day. Especially welcome are your poems about smell, noses, nature, gardening, or friendship. (If you don’t want to or can’t read your poem out loud, you don’t have to. But we encourage you to read your piece from our Poet’s Podium).

In case of wet weather, do bring an umbrella. There are a limited number of shaded places to stand and sit.


The best access for people with reduced mobility is to enter from Citadel Way (opposite Halfords).

We are able to accommodate 150 people in small groups. We will be reminding people about hands, face and space.


Sunday 25 July





“Thinkers Corner” AKA St Peter’s Churchyard (Park), corner of St. Peter’s Street and Great Union Way, HU9 1AA

No booking required