Sinuous City ending section



Receding it tastes like bile in the mouth,

Squelching and muddy where sewage has flowed


You wake in the garden, grit in your fingers

Your house is a campsite for builders and woe


You’re pinned by wet carpet and strips of wallpaper

Softened glue, floating wood, a river for road


It’s pooled at your armpits and salted your cheeks

Your belongings are homeless, adrift in the throes




As it leaves it is whining, gurgling, diminished

Depleted and swirling in drains and in gutters


Tarnished, it’s carrying gravel and wreckage

It’s voice against concrete is speaking in mutters


Of places to run to, places to be held

Space to be caught when it rages and swells


Of leaving, returning, moving and working

Of filaments bonding, interlinked cells.


See yourself in its surface, in the traces of places

It’s been to and think of the stories it tells.