Motionhouse – An Interview with our Dancers

As Nobody: A Dance-Circus Adventure draws near, take a look at what the Motionhouse dancers like most about the performance – transcribed below:


It is my favourite show because it marries circus and dance really, really well.

The level of hand-to-hand, the tosses, the banquines, the circus elements have massively jumped up from previous shows.

My favourite bit is definitely the last section, it’s just kind of once you start, you just don’t stop. It’s just a whirlwind.

All the wave after wave that defines what I’ve always wanted to do as a performer. And it’s a mixture of beautiful dancing, but also loads of lifts, loads of partner work, contact work.

We want to take people on a journey emotionally, as well as being wowed by the physical. It has excitement, it has drama, it has thrills. It has heartbreak in it.


Nobody shows in Hull on 24 November, co-presented by Motionhouse, Hull New Theatre and Absolutely Cultured, find more information and book your tickets below.