Matt Walton
Development Manager

Hey, I’m Matt Walton, the Development Manager.

I’m responsible for leading on Absolutely Cultured’s fundraising activity, such as writing funding applications and encouraging people to make donations so that we can continue with all of our excellent work. I’m also responsible for our business partnerships and for exploring other opportunities for us to generate income, such as our new rooftop yoga classes.

The greatest education I ever got as a communications professional was working for the fire service for six years. It forces you to be disciplined and to plan, but also to not be precious about throwing plans out of the window.

I was the Chair of the charity that organises Pride in Hull following the huge success of the event in 2017. That year saw the event more than quadruple its audience to over 44,000 people and nobody expected it to be able to sustain those numbers in the following years, but through the hard work and determination of the small team, we actually increased the audience in 2018 and 2019 making it the biggest free to attend pride event in the country.

I have two great passions – Mariah Carey and Nigella Lawson.