Marianne Lewsley-Stier
Creative Director

Hi, I’m Marianne Lewsley-Stier and I’m the Creative Director!

My role is to manage Humber Street Gallery to become a vibrant creative centre by developing and managing an active programme of exhibitions, performances and events with contemporary arts at the heart.

Coming to the UK in my early twenties has shaped my understanding of identity and belonging and how we become who we are. I have a Masters in Business Education but my heart has always belonged to the arts. Living and working within the creative sector and meeting amazing people from different backgrounds and walks of life, has been the best education. One learns so much from people, from academics, writers, thinkers, painters, performers, I have learned from each and everyone.

Delivering the cultural programme at the University of Hull during City of Culture has been an unforgettable experience. The programme included exhibitions from the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, the Science Museum and more. I came to study in 1993 and fell in love with the UK and stayed.

I love trees and the forest and if I could, I would get everyone to plant at least one tree in their garden. I also love dancing and wish I would be a lot better at it!