Ian Hinley

Ian’s practice spans several genres, weaving together the technical precision inherent in traditional European painting with the unrestrained diversity of contemporary art. As both a painter and a poet, Ian draws inspiration from the annals of history, using classical motifs as a springboard for considerations of the contemporary human experience. 

Ian’s artistic journey began at a young age when he met several members of the New British Realists, a collective championing the enduring importance of realism and especially figurative painting. This significantly influenced his artistic sensibilities, beginning a lifelong fascination with the human form as a central subject.

Not content to exist solely within the usual restraints of naturalistic realism, Ian has come to ardently believe in the power of the figure as symbol, a conduit through which to explore the full spectrum of the human condition. Through contemplative and meticulously detailed paintings, intertwined with allegorical imagery and poetry, Ian endeavors to distil and project the extraordinary inner worlds that we all inhabit, in hopes of illuminating our most profound shared truths.