Late Night Leeds, 2018 © Steve Evans

Hive Community, Tom Watkins

Hive Community was part of a series of five window displays made by local artists and commissioned by Absolutely Cultured for Creative Hull in 2021, made in response to the theme of how arts, culture and creativity help to rebuild city centres post-lockdown.

Exploring parallels between humans living in urban conditions and colonies existing in the natural world in honeycomb habitats, artist Tom Watkins looked at the responsibilities that we have for the collective good of our communities, our species and the planet as a whole.

Using multiple layers and textures with an interactive digital element, this installation represented the layout of the city in a honeycomb design, with the artist asking questions on the dangers of hive mentality and examining issues around subjects like apathy, autonomy and agency.

“You’re invited to come and control the content of my interactive installation “Hive Community”.
My piece involves multiple layers of texture and lighting which can be manipulated by your movements, in a fun yet thought provoking 3D display.” – Tom Watkins

Hive Community encouraged members of the public to become active participants rather than passive observers, to compare the actions and freedom of human beings with bee colonies and to ask ourselves what our role in society could be, in a post-pandemic world.

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Friday 16 – Sunday 18 July 2021


24 hours


16 Whitefriargate, HU1 2ER