Harry Newman

A firm believer that creation is an act of worship to the very thing we are made of, Harry uses a plethora of mixed media to welcome you into a reality of his own making – yet one that speaks to the truest part of the shared human experience and collective consciousness.

Ever since Harry’s earliest memories he has had an ability to tap into a seemingly boundless creativity, his expression not being a choice but rather a necessity. Moving through life his practice has grown and shifted with him, easily picking up and swapping out mediums based on what his current inspiration is drawn to. From drawings, sculptures, charms, paintings, collages and textiles, the through-line throughout the work Harry produces is his own being, the two being completely intertwined.

Nowadays, Harry uses his devilish outlook and an innate love of the outdoors to create a mystifying fusion of organic and synthetic materials that calls forth a primal beauty through the absurdity of a modern dwelling vessel.