Gallery Poems by Vicky Foster

No 1

Flowing, movement, sinuous motion

Rhithron, crenon, estuary, ocean


Osmosis, diffusion, absorption, filtration

Gathering, dispersion, reforming, migration


No 2

Press, imploring, crashing, warning

Clashing, raging, cracking, roaring


Lift, abandon, swamped, silted,

Sodden, soaking, careworn, wilted


No 3

Bone from mud, flesh from bone

Flashing silver in the gloam


Waving, thrashing, hooking, sinking

Waste, effluence, not for drinking


Connection, people, continent, trade

Renewal, power, energy, blade


Tide turning, water rising,

Dust and bone, buried and sown


No 4

Power, passing, flexible, ocean

Power in movement, powerful motion


Surrender, negotiate, plant and grow,

Navigate, permeate, furrow and flow


Blasting, harness, ride the wave,

Flatlands, pooling, store and save


Raining, thick skin, amphibian, force

Fibrous fingers prick out a course