Daisy James, Lockdown Loaf

About the work

The  act  of  making  banana  bread  is  a  motif  of  the  2020 Covid-19 worldwide lockdown. In this project, I have documented the process of hacking recipes in order to develop my own #lockdownloaf and identify the role of design in everyday life and investigate the impact of slowing down.

In using design thinking methods, I have authored this project as a positive coping mechanism in response to staying at home for an extended amount of time.

As an  emerging artist and designer,  Covid-19  had  disrupted my professional  practice and I was  unfortunate to lose work.

In identifying new ways of making that were outside of my comfort zone, I have used my time indoors to procure my skill set and deepen my understanding of making meaningfully and with purpose.

Banana Bread with toasted coconut


Simple store cupboard Banana Bread

Brown butter Banana Bread

About the artist

I  am  a  design  researcher,  collaborative  thinker  and  visual storyteller.

I work across a range of projects including, graphics, installation, publication and public art. My creative practice explores a combination of drawing processes, using both traditional and digital mediums. Employing design thinking processes, I investigate visual dialogues and build narratives that connect people, places and time.  Previously,  I  have  developed  work  for  British  Fashion  Council  &  Girl guiding  North  West  England  and  have  collaborated  with  independent  creative  organisations such as In-Situ, Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and Blaze Arts.

As  well as functioning as an autonomous artist, I am the co-founder of Lunchtime Practice, a socially engaged collective  providing  creative  events,  workshops  and  exhibitions and working alongside underrepresented communities to promote social change.

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