Chatty Hull

Chatty Hull is a citywide initiative led by Absolutely Cultured which has one simple aim – to get the people of Hull talking. Listening to residents’ feedback during projects across the city, volunteers from Absolutely Cultured recognised that there was a clear theme emerging – people wanted to get to know their neighbours.

In addition to that desire to get to know people better, it is well established that social interactions help to build stronger, well-connected communities, creating bonds that can transform neighbourhoods and, in some cases, lives by helping to combat loneliness, isolation and depression.

In response to this, the volunteer team at Absolutely Cultured, working with partner organisations including The Hull We Want, Back to Ours, Believe in Hull, Hull City Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner, are driving forward Chatty Hull and the invite is extended to everyone across the city to get involved. Chatty Hull in 2019 culminated in a number of events across the city on Saturday 28 September, bringing the project to life, including 100 volunteers taking to 100 seats across the city ready to get chatting!

Outcomes from our Chatty Hull day

  • 994 beneficiaries;
  • Over 100 conversations took place across the city;
  • 35 event venues;
  • Stronger relationships with our project communities thanks to flagship events in Peel Street and Gipsyville, with over 400 attendees;
  • Over 900 biscuits and cups of tea shared!

What volunteers had to say

“We know what a difference #ChattyHull made to their day because they told us! Having chatted with lots (and lots) of people, my ‘stand out’ moment from today has got to be from a gentleman who casually said “There’s a glow in the air today…”

“Yeah, if I see ‘em down the street I’ll say hiya to them. Most people in here I’ll say hi to them now, it breaks the ice dunnit? A little icebreaker.”

“A wonderful day was definitely had by all. An amazing beginning to a more productive, creative and connected city-wide community.”


Small acts of kindness ideas:

  • Pay it forward in a café or coffee shop and purchase a drink for someone;
  • Take your neighbour’s bin out;
  • Bake a cake for next door;
  • Talk to people at the bus stop;
  • Check in on an elderly neighbour;
  • Get together with families on your street.