Bradley Wilson
Development & Communications Assistant

Hey, I’m Bradley Wilson and I’m the Development & Communications Assistant.

Within my role I help and assist everything that has to do with fundraising activities for Absolutely Cultured. This can include putting together surveys to further improve events such as our great yoga classes, to researching charitable trusts or to make sure the applications for funding are a little easier.

I recently graduated during the pandemic with a Bachelors degree in Media Studies from the University of Lincoln. Doing so gave me experiences and opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and to hear their stories and for that I am grateful.

I’m very proud of the fact I moved out to study and live in a different city and all of the achievements that came along with it. And I am definitely proud of the fact I beat the final boss in Dark Souls.

A passion and a hobby of mine is storytelling, be it through short works of horror, writing jokes that are probably only funny to me, or creating voice over for characters I create. If there’s a story, I’ll try my best to tell it. And it makes me happy to have my part in writing Absolutely Cultured’s future stories to come.