BOOTLEG SHREG & FRIENDS with Bruce Asbestos

BOOTLEG SHREG & FRIENDS is Humber Street Gallery’s newest exhibition, which opened on 14 July and runs until 1 October. Have a listen to the inspiration behind the gallery-wide exhibition from the artist himself, Bruce Asbestos.

Bruce Asbestos: I hope they come and participate in this celebration of weirdness.

Marianne Lewsley-Stier: The current exhibition is called BOOTLEG SHREG & FRIENDS by artist Bruce Asbestos, who has come into the space and transformed it into a new world, exploring this character called BOOTLEG SHREG.

Bruce Asbestos: I was really interested in these kind of ‘bootleg versions’, this sort of ‘underdog character’. It is our mascot for the weird, the left-behind, the outcast. I was thinking a lot about Hull and my ideas about Hull and it being a place of rebellion and outsiderness that I really like. I really took that on board when I was making the work.

Lauren Wilson: As soon as you walk through the door, all the traditional barriers of being in an art gallery just completely dissolve, because you’re actively encouraged to touch and participate in the exhibition.


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Filming by Reece Straw.