Transmission 004 – 'nothing urgent, surreal or of meaning'

in a cold dark metal place the rain leaves scars on my face 
restless, i roam the streets at night in a daze staring at bodies with no figure in mindless states that retreats like terminal patients that wait and lay in bed wrapped in sheets of slate 
housewifes clutched in permanent states 
as salt water rolls down their head into eyes that bay 
my eyes red as corridors ascend 
m65 lanes  
passenger seat suffocate my blade as I’m woken up by trains and steel that vibrates  
my bed as am laid on this tray 
drunk laughter a cage that silence works to decay 
in this pit made of clay  
children bred from the naked wombs to remain 
cold and un-named   

surrounded by these men with shadows in there hearts and teeth  
suffocating beliefs through the window 
her mothers broken arms never held me close 
armoured up in a Honda Accord 
the lamps on the street like a veil in my eyes 
on the moors where pale ones arrive 
baptised in the scent of dogs and poor men 
preston blackburn m65 
each corridor laid with mines 
and ghosts wrapped up in my movements blind 
emotions drowned left undisguised 
an the sheets in my bed like chains 
and i pray that the bitch don’t hit me again 
as I drive through the valleys that made of towers and flats 
an the rain turn black in the country  
the rooms that we sleep in falling apart  
through the day and the dark  
and she stayed in my arms 

steel town smoke  
as we ran up the hill 
and the womb carved out to the edge of the fields 
i can’t fall yet wanna know how it feels  
when you wake up my back with the edge of the steel  

About the work

The film was written and shot in Lancashire, England.

The film reflects on existentialism and Franz Kafka within my usual themes. I wanted to make something that showed nothing and let lost people speak.

I wanted to create something impersonal and dead where the cameras would act in this way also.

I fed the most personal text I wrote through machines to dehumanise the prose; ‘nothing urgent, surreal or of meaning’ is repeated in order to wash meaning from the phrase and turn it from words to a sounds.

My voice and large sections of my performances are edited to deconstruct their nature.

Smoke is to represent death and ghosts. The scenes with more contained movements and ideas feature this more often.

I directed, wrote/choreographed and performed all the prose and movement.

The sound was created by Low Power State, and edited by myself and Joseph Reay Reid.

Film was shot by Ethan Samuel Jacobs and Jack Nelson.

About the artist

Blackhaine is an artist from Lancashire.

His work contains performance from a prose and movement perspective in addition to direction for film.

He is a member of All Choreographers Are Bastards (ACAB), a Manchester based deconstructive project.

ACAB have exhibited nationally and internationally including the 2019 Venice Biennale in addition to creating and featuring in film and music videos.


Death In The Afternoon (2020)
Death In June (2019-20)
Abattoir (2018-19)


FOUR THOUSAND HOLES IN BLACKBURN, LANCASHIRE [excerpt] ,Dazed livestream (2020)
“Transmissions” All Choreographers Are Bastards, a series of five films (2020)
“Unveiled” – Flohio, 2020, dir. Danniel Sannwaald
“Lucky” – Dazed and Gucci present Mykki Blanco, 2020, dir. Diana Kunst and Mau Morgo
“Down By The Tree” – Pearl City, 2019, dir. Grandmas

He was recently a featured model for “Moda Uomo Primavera Estate” – Vogue Italia, April 2020

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