Anna Bean, Welcome to the House of Fun

About the work

My concept was to create an animated film capturing the normal becoming abnormal, an anxiety nightmare of isolation during a lockdown.  I utilised the visual metaphor of a haunted house, the inhabitants held captive by the dark entity of COVID-19 hovering outside the apparent safe confinement of the home. My narrative developed and the virus crept its way inside the home to be confronted, not by a homely space, but a nightmarish location full of freaky objects and strange characters who eventually scare the fearful virus from the dwelling. Alongside this disturbing domestic setting, the TV transmits an equally nightmarish level of disinformation/misinformation. I have incorporated this sense of political horror into my narrative with the use of a clown-like bumbling greedy politician shown on a TV screen.

This project has been a true family collaboration. My son Louis Bean created original music for the discordant soundtrack and my partner features as the politician and the dancing Love Leopard. All three of us have shared the lockdown experience together.  Creativity has kept us sane and occupied during this strange time.  During the lockdown I have been running an online Art Club where I invite people to make some artwork based around a theme. Some of the artwork is featured within the virtual room settings of my House of Fun.  During this crisis it has become ever more apparent how much creativity can promote positive mental health.

About the artist

My work recalls a long tradition of staged narratives and theatrical role-playing in art. I utilise the camera and various tools of the cinema and theatre, such as makeup, costumes, props, and scenery, to create dream worlds filled with Gothic horror and surreal humour.  Alongside my photographic work I also create still and animated photo-montage, and quite often appropriate existing images and re-imagine them in a new context. I also work in collaboration with performers to reshape my 2D created worlds into 3D immersive theatrical experiences allowing the audience to become part of these imaginary spaces.  Within my work I am interested in exploring the possibilities of the transformation of the everyday.

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Bluebeany Art ClubRuns monthly from Sunday 5 July, 2-4pm