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Volunteers invite residents to a magical breakfast

Our iconic Volunteers are known for spreading their magic across the city of Hull.

A special brew of energy, enthusiasm and pride, on Sunday morning this magic spread to Orchard Park as residents of Milldane, a brand new development on the estate, woke up to a magical sight and an invitation to attend a special breakfast

Hosted by the Volunteers, residents were invited to gather with their new neighbours in a pop up winter wonderland tipi to share in the most important meal of the day.

Part of Absolutely Cultured’s partnership with Nesta and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), this is the second of seven volunteer-led community projects.

Nine of Hull’s City of Culture Volunteers have been involved in developing this project from the initial idea to delivering the invitations. Janet Adamson from the Orchard Park Breakfast Team explained: ”This brand new development in Milldane was the perfect opportunity for the volunteers to help residents to make new friendships and ease their way into a new community.

“It has been a pleasure for us to get to know people and we hope that this will be a springboard for new beginnings, for everyone.”

Join in the story…

From this giant community breakfast, to thousands of tulips our Volunteers continue to spread their magic across the city and you’re invited to join in the story, as applications are now open to join Hull’s iconic blue coated army.

Shaun Crummey, Head of Volunteering at Absolutely Cultured, said: ”There is no set story for becoming a Volunteer – everyone’s journey is different. You may be looking to meet new people, develop skills for your CV, or just want to try something different as part of your New Year’s resolutions. What we can guarantee is that you get to be part of something really incredible, something unique to Hull.”

As well as the uniform and volunteer network you’ll also get access to an innovative Masterclass programme – optional training courses ranging from creative writing and dance to learning about Hull’s history archives and heritage.

Shaun continued: “The continuation of the Volunteering Programme into 2019 shows the tremendous appetite for volunteering in the city and wider region.We’re incredibly proud. Not only of what the Volunteers have achieved but what the future holds.”

Katy Fuller, Creative Director and Chief Executive of Absolutely Cultured said: “The continuation of the Volunteering programme is one of the key pillars of legacy that we have taken forward as Absolutely Cultured.  Being part of such a distinctive and recognisable team, sharing values and empowering communities, I couldn’t encourage people more to take the first step and join up as a Volunteer.”

If you are interested in joining our Volunteer programme, sign up here for an extraordinary 2019.

Applications close on 15 February. You will then be invited to attend a selection centre, followed by a three-part, fun-filled training day where the new volunteers will learn more about the city, its culture and try on the unmistakable blue uniform.

The Volunteering Programme is supported by funding from Spirt of 2012, Nesta and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).