Isabel Mansfield
Marketing & Communications Assistant

Hi, I’m Isabel and I’m the Marketing & Communications Assistant at Absolutely Cultured!

My role is within the development and communications team, where some of my responsibilities involve managing our social media and website, designing our print, writing PR and delivering our digital marketing campaigns.

I graduated with a degree in Games Design from Sheffield Hallam University, focusing my final major project around concept art, and a before that a distinction in Visual Communication from York College, where I specialised in graphic design and illustration, before landing in Hull at Absolutely Cultured. Being surrounded by such a large scope of interesting people and mediums during this time gave me a love for learning, experiencing new things and meeting creative people.

I’m proud of graduating during the pandemic, and of the fact my first job after doing so is in a field I really love and am excited about! My hobbies include looking after my (insanely large) collection of houseplants, walking and cooking. I also enjoy climbing and generally being outside, as well as reading murder mystery books and getting through the long list on films I want to see.