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Who we are

Absolutely Cultured is a cultural development organisation passionate about the ability of arts and culture to be a vehicle for change. We seek out opportunities to strengthen Hull’s cultural landscape and the role it can have in the city’s growth and development; for the benefit of all its residents.

It’s our mission to actively enable Hull’s cultural development, bringing together collective voices, expertise and talents to be greater than the sum of our parts. To facilitate social, economic and cultural change by placing the arts and creativity at the heart of people’s lives, their ambitions and aspirations.

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of the people of Hull through facilitating cultural programmes of excellence.

Hull. Where the creation and creativity of arts and culture are embraced, valued and intrinsically linked to the prosperity of the city and to enriching people’s lives.

Hull. Among the most culturally engaged cities in the UK, where local, national and international arts and culture are part of the city’s DNA and as available as water.

Hull. Where opportunities to engage in the arts and culture are varied and prevalent.

Hull. Where careers in the arts and cultural and creative industries are real options, with ambitions and aspirations nurtured and supported.