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Thomas Arran

Thomas Arran

States of Play

Curated by the Crafts Council, States of Play at Humber Street Gallery invited you to be playful with pieces of art, from the fascinating to the bizarre.

Visitors were able to try their luck on a slot machine, create waves with their breath, or meet Combover Joe – the exhibition’s resident robot.

Through the eyes of 16 international makers and designers, the exhibition looked at how playfulness shapes our lives and the world around us, presenting play as a way of being, of understanding the world and giving it form. In an era of screen-based games, it celebrated the physical element of play in ways that delight, provoke and surprise children and adults alike.

Exploring play through five core themes and different states of play – wonder, possibility, freedom, game play and masquerade – the makers and designers each took an inventive, sometimes subversive approach to craft.

Artists including Richard Slee, Mischer’Traxler and Atelier NL created a world of fascinating objects, like a lampshade that knits itself and an entire wall of galvanised pineapples.

Launching Hull 2017’s third season, Freedom, the exhibition celebrated the importance of imagination and freedom through play as an agent of change with the power to change the world.

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