Installation view, 2020. Lucy Clout, ZZZ. Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and the artist, 2020. Photo by Jules Lister.

Lucy Clout: ZZZ

Lucy Clout is a London based artist whose work uses video and sculpture to examine loneliness, intimacy and visibility.

ZZZ presents a new video work filmed nocturnally on a phone. Memory games are played in the dark, scenes are constructed and disappear as they move away from the light. Objects are laid out on a tray to be committed to memory, they are forms that leave impressions on each other – a ring and wax tablets, objects that are touched and worn producing outlines or traces.

Sculptural works in the exhibition hold space and conceal, acting as screens or portholes to look through, hide behind or obscure.

This new body of work is about things being constructed and disappearing, visible and dispersing. Using the style of home movies, a narrative is part visible and part in the dark. The viewer is left uncertain of the whole picture, what is illuminated, remembered and recorded of these night-time acts is unclear. ZZZ is diaristic, intimate and romantically lit for an exhibition opening on Valentine’s day.

About the artist

Lucy Clout is a London based artist whose videos use technology and pop culture to examine loneliness, intimacy and kinship.

15 February – 29 March

Humber Street Gallery


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