Living Coast

When the land has gone, but a place lives on through its people, we can still make maps – with their memories.

Living Coast is an installation of photography, fine art, spoken word, text, sound, music and video. It has been created through a six-month collaboration between creative artists and environmental scientists from the University of Hull, and current or former members of the local communities in Easington, Kilnsea and Spurn.

This multi-arts installation documents a social and environmental history of place, as well as the human cultures of the South Holderness coastline. It contains verbatim interviews, newly written music, field recordings, photography, physical theatre videography, new poetic writing, and the display of historical artefacts.

Will you heed the call of the coast? Where a storied past meets an uncertain future in a delicate dance of remembrance and possibility?

Come and hear both land and sea as they whisper their tales through the echoes of memory.

In a place where the pulse of the present beats in harmony with the rhythms of the past.


More dates:

June 19-24: The Barn at Westmere Farm – Kilnsea Road, Kilnsea, HU12 0UB

July 11-24: University of Hull Art Gallery – Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull, HU6 7RX

8 June – 16 June 2024

Space 2
Humber Street Gallery


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