HIPI Hang Out Forum: Finance Management and Budgeting

5 May 2020

Humber Street Gallery


The HIPI team are hosting forums for artists and producers working in performing arts. The groups will discuss their work with each other and invited guests, developing their knowledge and getting support with taking the next step to produce their project. People are invited to join the conversation in an open and supportive environment with leading arts managers and producers from Hull and the region.

Finance Management and Budgeting
Thursday 5 March 2020
6-8pm, Humber Street Gallery, Free

Confused by cash flow? Puzzled by procurement? Managing your project or company finances can be a daunting task. Join Absolutely Cultured, local artists and industry specialists to discuss the best approaches to writing budgets, tackling finance procedures and paying your artists, collaborators and yourselves fairly.

To reserve your free space at either of our upcoming HIPI Hang Out Forums, please email jack.chamberlain@absolutelycultured.co.uk with a reference to the title of the event.

Places are limited.

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