Stewart Baxter, Equidistant

About the work

A film and composition by Stewart Baxter made in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent isolation… and as an act of self-care.

This piece of work is a reaction to a life in isolation and a survival mechanism for my own mental health. By marrying my love for black and white film photography and creating music with found sounds, this film was a chance for me to explore the stillness in the every day and appreciate the beauty within the darkness. I want this film to inspire, calm and celebrate the things we often take for granted. For me Equidistant captures the calm before the storm and forces life to come to the surface through a collection of juxtaposed sights and sounds.

Bonus footage:

About the artist

Stewart Baxter is a musician, composer, photographer and designer based in Hull where he plays drums in the international touring band LIFE as well as working within community arts across the UK. Stewart has embraced the underground creative community for over 20 years working as an Arts and Talent Development Manager before recently set up his own company Hinterland Creative.

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