Requiem for the 21st Century, Khyam Allami. PRS Foundation's New Music Biennial 2019, Absolutely Cultured © Tom Arran

Khyam Allami – Requiem for the 21st Century

12 July, 18:00 – 20:00, Humber Street Gallery
13 – 14 July, 10:00 – 18:00, Humber Street Gallery

Requiem for the 21st Century  is an immersive sound installation by Iraqi oud player, multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami.

The piece takes its inspiration from the rich accumulation of myth and history that surrounds the oud, to create an immersive microtonal experience that melds the physical, mythical and acoustic elements of the instrument and the Arabic maqam tonal system.

Requiem for the 21st Century is conceived as a powerful, ever-changing requiem for the troubled 21st century, offering each visitor a moment to contemplate our millennium so far, while commemorating those we have lost.

Requiem for the 21st Century will be open across the weekend at Humber Street Gallery. Visits to the installation are not ticketed, but you must obtain a free ticket to attend the Q&A on Saturday 13 July. A touch tour will also be available.

This event has unreserved standing.

Commissioned by Opera North