Q&A – Saturday 13th July, 14:15Humber Street Gallery – Free, ticketed.
Touch Tour – Saturday 13 July, 13:30, Humber Street Gallery – Free, to book email getinvolved@absolutelycultured.co.uk

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Requiem for the 21st Century is an immersive sound installation by Iraqi oud player, multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami.

Part of New Music Biennial, this event allows visitors the chance to experience the installation and find out more about it from creator Khyam Allami.

Inspired by the history of the oud and its role in myth and storytelling, the work combines sound fragments, melodies, and microtonal notes to create sound landscapes based on maqams (modes of Arabic music). It is a powerful reminder of our troubled century that also serves to commemorate the deaths of civilians in the frequently war-stricken Middle East.

This event has unreserved standing.

For more information on Khyam Allami’s other performances and installation see here.

Commissioned by Opera North