Markus Tipler
Front of House Assistant

Hey, I’m Markus Tipler, the Front of House Assistant.

In my role I meet and greet people as they come into the gallery and answer any questions they might have. I take care of the gallery spaces and make myself useful anywhere needed.

I’m very proud of becoming vegan in 2016 and a little more recently realising that I am the only one who can hold myself back from moving forward in life and applying this thinking so I can start getting closer to where I want to be.

Part of this journey was overcoming 3 to 4 years of being homeless and couch surfing and finally getting my own place. I started learning about music at the Warren and progressed onto making my own. All of this helped me become more confident in myself and get back out into the community.

I enjoy getting creative in any way I possibly can. Either through creating music, drawing or expressing myself in different ways.

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