David McLeavy

Hi, my name is David McLeavy and I’m the Curator, but please, call me Dave.

I lead the planning and presentation of the exhibitions and events programme through Humber Street Gallery. This involves working closely with some amazing artists to produce new work as well as developing events and public programmes relating to the exhibition.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University back in 2011 with a Fine Art Degree and ever since I have been developing and delivering exhibitions across the UK. I was the Director at Bloc Projects in Sheffield, as well as the Founder and Editor of Young Artists in Conversation, which hosts interviews with artists working across the UK.

Becoming a dad back in 2017 was one of my proudest moments. Followed by setting up a cycling clothing company, inspired by art and design history. Seeing people across the world in our kit was a thrilling achievement. People close to me know that I am mad about cycling. So, most weekends you will find me clad in Lycra, searching for hills.