Charmaine Lambert
Front of House Assistant

Hey, I’m Charmaine Lambert and I’m the Front of House Assistant. I greet visitors and check them into the gallery, open and close the exhibition spaces, answer enquiries, show volunteers around the exhibitions, and make sure they feel comfortable, as well as all the odd jobs around the gallery. I studied a BA in Performance at Sheffield Hallam and an MA in Performance at Plymouth University. I have previously done front of house for my own theatre company’s production of The Tempest, and I have always worked in customer service. I love talking to people, especially about the arts. Getting a Master’s degree in the middle of a pandemic was a great achievement of mine, along with writing and performing a 15-minute musical, and creating a theatre company. In my spare time I taught myself crocheting during the lockdown and I really enjoyed it. I have made a range of items such as scrunchies, dolls and a sheep for yellow day.